Please contact me for speaking engagements: I am very interested in educating and inspiring children right up to the corporate level.


Groups that would benefit:

Retail: Have your employees been trained in dealing with those with physical disabilities? I have encountered many workers in retail stores who mistreat me as a customer because I have cerebral palsy. I can share experiences and give advice.

Corporate:  Do your workers have the proper training to interact and work with a diverse set of employees?  I have been discriminated at work; I can talk about how to interact and work with someone with a physical disability.

Keynote: I have encountered many challenges and overcome them in my life.  I can motivate a group to do better and strive to be the best they can be.

Children:  Children can be bullies and angels; I can tell through my life story why those who have disabilities are no different than their other friends while inspiring children to be the best they can be.

Charity events:  There is nothing I love more than contributing to a good cause for anyone in need. I have a particular interest in charities related to physical disabilities and cerebral palsy.