Bachelor of Science with Honors in Physics

I graduated from Acadia University in 2006. My honors research was focused on computer modelling of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current. I was class Valictornian.

Masters of Science in Oceanography

I graduated from Dalhousie University in 2008. My research was focused on micro scale wind forecasting over Lunenburg Bay.

Doctor of Philosophy

I graduated from York University in June 2014 (Defending my thesis in September 2013) with a PhD in Atmospheric Science. My PhD research was focused offshore wind shore assessment.

Speaking Experience

Valedictorian Address - Park View Education Centre Grade 12 Graduation 2002.

Valedictorian Address - Acadia University Undergraduate Graduation 2006.

Numerous Academic Conference Talks - 2008-2013

Keynote Address - Park View Education Centre Grade 12 Graduation 2014.

Guest Lecture in Sociology of Family - Queens University - September 2016

Inspirational Talk/Meteorology Talk - Bridgewater Elementary School, 2017 and 2018.

Guest Lecture in Sociology of Work - - Queens University - September 2017

Sickboy Podcast January 2018 -

Member of Twin Rivers Toastmasters Club #667

Guest Lecture at University of Calgary School of Medicine on "Health and Disability" - July 2018

Guest Speaker at the Winter Cycling Congress speaking on “Giving those with Disabilities and Alternative to Skiing” - February 2019

Inspirational Talk/Meteorology Talk - Nickle School, April, 2019.